25 November 2008

Maybe not, but it sure felt good.

Went to the movies with the Beloved and my sister-in-law. We selected an AMC theater because of Cinemark CEO Alan Stock's $9,999 donation to Prop H8. I dropped Cinemark a note mentioning the fact, too.

Cinemark VP of Food & Beverage Bob Shimmin has weighed in on the national boycott in an essay called, Is boycotting Cinemark a step toward equality?

In pertinent part:

"Two years ago, I was hired by Alan Stock, and my life partner and I relocated to Plano, Tex., from the San Francisco bay area. Moving to Plano and effectively leaving behind our cherished Domestic Partnership document, signed by California’s Secretary of State, took much consideration. As did the prospect of leaving the progressive Bay Area for life in a “red state.” 

However, I quickly discovered — and the past two years have confirmed — that Cinemark Theatres is committed to treating its team members, customers, and colleagues with dignity and respect...

Have I ever witnessed Mr. Stock’s religious convictions as a Mormon interfere with his fair and equal treatment of employees or customers of Cinemark Theatres? 


Really? He might want to fine-tune his powers of observation.

I understand Mr. Shimmin's reluctance to bite the hand that feeds him. However, it's difficult to understand his boss' religiously motivated meddling in other's private affairs — to the point of substantially financing a constitutional amendment that ensures they won't get fair and equal treatment under the law — as anything but a great big freakin "Yes."

Ticket: $10.00

Popcorn & soda: $10.00

An executive quaking at the prospect of a boycott: Priceless.

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