26 November 2008

Um, you might want to have a talk with the marketing department

Endorsements are tricky business. Sure, they may lend some rub-off glamour, but when celebrity endorsers do something stupid and end up in trouble with the law, the business is compelled to argue that their association, purchased at great price, never really meant anything.
So it is indeed baffling that rifle manufacturer H-S Precision, Inc. recently featured the endorsement of an FBI agent on the back page of its glossy catalogue. The agent's claim to fame is that he was indicted for manslaughter in 1997 for shooting a woman in the face as she held only her baby during the Ruby Ridge Incident.
Even more astonishing — the agent, a sharpshooter named Lon Horiuchi, testified that he was aiming at somebody else. Whoopsie.
I reckon that makes him either an outrageously bad liar, or and outrageously bad shot. Neither reflects particularly well on H-S Precision.
Money quote, "The American taxpayer has gotten their money's worth from H-S Precision." Yeah, and the American taxpayer also got to pay $3.5 million in judgments to the Ruby Ridge survivors. 
In keeping with the theme, for H-S Precision's next catalogue, I might suggest they arrange for an endorsement from that DEA agent that who himself in the foot in front of the classroom. "I am the only one professional enough to endorse this...BANG! I'm alright, I'm alright. And so is H-S Precision!"
Man, I never get tired of that one.

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