09 December 2008

The crustybastard I aspire to be.

Three things I love profoundly are Constitutional Law, TV, and clever peevishness. Combine them in blender on high, then top with organic lecherousness, and you have the loveably unlikable litigator Alan Shore of ABC's Boston Legal, which sadly ended its run last night.

Two of my favorite closing arguments from the show, brilliantly crafted by David E. Kelly and splendidly delivered by James Spader:

That stuff is pretty heavy, for sure. So to prevent the whole show from becoming dreary, the rest of it would be a tempest of batshit crazy, an occasional wink sent the viewer's way, then finished off with a scotch and a cigar on the balcony. It was grand. 

I'll miss you, Alan — you magnificently crusty bastard, you

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