24 December 2008

Rewarding A-holes.

We do it a lot in America.
No-strings-attached corporate bailouts under the guise of the "greater good." Transferring tax revenue to wealthy politically connected developers under the guise of "job creation." Returning kids to abusive or incompetent parents under the guise of "strengthening family." Granting parole under the guise of "second chances." Graduating students who kant speel or do basic math under the guise of "protecting self-esteem." Presidential pardons for political bagmen under the guise of "remedy of a miscarriage of justice."
Giving Rev. Rick Warren the honor of blessing America's new president is another example. 
Yeah, I know why Obama did it. There are a whole lot of Evangelicals, and as a whole, they didn't care for him. Even though he won largely without their support, he wants them on-board, and that's a higher priority than being sensitive to the gay-rights folks who are already on-board and helped him get elected.
Thanks for the work and the money and the votes, queers — but what have you done for me lately?
Obama is, after all, a politician. And the fact of the matter is that Obama doesn't disagree with Rick Warren: "I'm a Christian. And so, although I try not to have my religious beliefs dominate or determine my political views on this issue, I do believe that tradition, and my religious beliefs say that marriage is something sanctified between a man and a woman."
So there you have it — "try" as he might, Obama's position on the legal status conferred by civil marriage is utterly informed by his Christianity. Just like Rick Warren's. They share the position that that legally enforcing "tradition" and their personal religious views is more important than allowing fellow citizens to enjoy their fundamental rights. That doesn't surprise me when I hear it from a preacher. But it does surprise me when I hear it from a Constitutional scholar.
One of Warren's arguments for Prop 8 was that if were to fail, preaching that homosexuality was sinful would be prosecuted for hate-speech. That was a willful lie. If I recall correctly, bearing false witness made God's Top 10 List of Sin. Homosexuality didn't.
So Obama will reward this a-hole under the guise of "inclusion." Whatever. I can't agree the Obama-Warren mutual blessing is "kum by ya," any more than I can agree that Warren "loves gays" or Obama believes in "equality." Not when their actions prove they don't. 
And in four years, when the evangelicals line up with Obama's opponent, he better have done something dramatic to win people like me back. Because I won't waste my vote again on someone who thinks I'm politically expendable.

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