03 December 2008

So much for owning my piece of American history.

To my dear readers, 
Both of you. Your loving bastard is ever-vigilant watchman on your behalf. So naturally I feel the urgent need to alert you that on the US Treasury's page, "The United States Mint Hot Items," it says that the President-Elect Barack Obama colorized "commemorative coins" as-seen-on-TV are not, in fact, legal tender. 
No, really! This is not actual money that you can exchange for goods and services!
President-Elect Barack Obama "Commemorative Coins", not official United States Mint product
I wish I'd have known that I was investing heavily in pseudonumismatics. 
Hey, I just coined a word! Get it? Because they're coins! And it's a word about coins. 
Yeah. Oooooooh lordy, I slay me.
Well anyway, at least I've got some money coming to me from a long-lost relative that recently died in a car-wreck in Nigeria. Without that to fall back on, I'd be screwed. 
So it's off to Western Union with me. I hope these coins work in vending machines. I could use a snack.

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