19 January 2009

31°F ain't motorcycle weather.

I got a sweet custom bike just about the time it started getting cold. I got it back from the painter a couple of weeks ago, but the weather has remained foul.
Yesterday  it was relatively warm, and I needed to run out to my brother's place to help him wrangle mattresses. So I seized the opportunity to take the bike.
Beloved wanted a new mattress, too. Long story short, bike spent the night at Bros, while I kept the pickup with Beloved's new mattress until today. Went back with pickup, rode bike home. Unfortunately the temperature had dropped precipitously in 24 hours. 
31°F is mighty cold, especially when you put a nice 35-45 mph wind chill on top of it — makes it about 12°F. 

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J9 said...

Damn! I hope Beloved knows the sacrifices you make! ;)