05 January 2009

Die in a fire, farking PayPal!

Remember my last post? The one about the PayPal agent, Tracy, that assured me that our concerted efforts forestalled the transfer of money?
She lied.
And this is hardly the first time a PayPal agent has lied to me. So it's conceivable that despite assurances that my funds were untouched, I may in fact be without my money for a full 12 days while PayPal dicks around.
I finally found an intelligent supervisor named Sarah, and explained that under the law of agency, the false assurance I got from a corporate agent were the equivalent of having the CEO of PayPal tell me the same thing. I explained that I had acted in detrimental reliance on the agent's statement, so any liability incurred by being without sufficient funds to cover my bills was their liability, not mine.
That's right. I went there. I used the lawyer-y mumbo-jumbo. It does get their attention.
I now have "a note in my file" that they're going to "work with me" to cover late fees.
Which is probably also a lie.

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J9 said...

Don't hold you breath on this one, you'd be better off following up after a week, then after 4 days, then 3, then 2, then one. Each time, ask for someone higher up the chain of command. You might get there before havign to follow up every 10 minutes.