15 January 2009

This country sure is looking up for the women folks!

I'm doing some research on a renovation project and I run across a 1912 American Radiator Co. publication called the Ideal Home Journal dedicated to the advancement of the Steam & Hot Water Heating Industry. 
One is left to wonder why it was necessary in those days to heat hot water. 
But I digress.
They were pimping their new product on page 2, and it was a dandy indeed! Behold, the Arco Wand vacuum cleaner:
It's basically the original CentralVac. You install the mechanism in the basement, and use lengthy hoses to do the vacuuming.
But I was particularly taken by this letter extolling heretofore unknown virtues of the Arco Wand. 
Please to enjoy:

DEAR Sirs: 

Yes, sirs, it's a fact! Returning from a vacation, my wife found three tiny baby mice in a bureau last night — result of carelessly leaving the bottom drawer open an inch or two. Did she scream? Yes, for a minute. Then she thought of the ARCO WAND Vacuum Cleaner. Happy idea! From the top of a chair, she poked the end of the Vacuum Cleaner Wand around in the drawer. Instantly that cleaning tool touched a mouse, plunk! you could hear him strike the bottom of the dust bucket down cellar. Can you beat it? What with woman suffrage and freedom from mice, this country is sure looking up for the women folks.

Yours truly, 

A. L. K. 

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Anonymous said...

Could you help me locate this source? I want to use this for a paper i am writing on gender equality. any help would be much appreciated.