08 February 2009

Kultural Korner

Last night The Fun Bunch went out for bar trivia. The host was a disappointing substitute, and it took them an hour to get the microphone working. The questions were insipid, G.E.D. crap. Thank god we won. I'd have been equal parts depressed and horrified if we hadn't.
We retired back to my crapshack and ended up watching The Soup, which led us to RuPaul's Drag Race.
RuPaul's Drag Race
is not only the most colossal Hot Tranny Mess on TV, even better, it is also an unrelenting, unrepentant satire of Top America's Next Model.
Hell, I just assumed that TANM was so inherently absurd it was parody-proof. Not so. 
And it's clear that RuPaul was born to play Tyra Banks. It's still early in the show, so I'm certain the queens are pulling their punches. Even so, my new favorite dis is "regional." 
Two words: Tammie Brown. LOLWUT! Oh sweetie, when you're going for "sexy," you might want to avoid a high-necked, long-sleeved, floor-length everything.
All of this means that RPDR debuted at #25 on my TiVo Season Pass Manager, making it a contender for The Greatest Show of 2009. 
I love kulture.

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cliff1976 said...

Last night The Fun Bunch went out for bar trivia.


I would love for us to be able to attend. I have such at stuff like that. Pretty hard to organize around here. *sniff*