13 February 2009

Lies, lies, lies.

What's up?
Sweetie, a light came on in my car!
What's it look like?
It's red, and it's in the speedometer.
What's it say?
It's got a picture of...something square. It's got a thing on top and another thing on the side.
Um, okaaaayyyy. I have no idea what that means. Take a picture and send it to me. How's it running? Does it smell funny?
It runs okay. It doesn't smell.
Does it have oil?
[pause]  I think so.
Yeah. Why don't you go check?
[really long pause] Um...how would I do that?
"How would I do that?" Are you kidding me? All those times I asked you whether you checked you oil you were lying to me?
Honey! Dammit.

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