23 March 2009

Who writes this crap?

From the Missouri Revised Statutes:
Recovery action--tenant served with summons--notice--penalty.

441.090. Every tenant on whom a summons in an action to recover the tenements held by him shall be served shall forthwith give notice thereof to the person, or the agent of the person, of whom such tenant holds, under the penalty of forfeiting to such person the value of three years' rent of the premises occupied by him.

Duh...who shall forthwith give notice thereof to whom holds what?

Holy shiat — are we outsourcing legislative drafting to the Chinese now? No — it's like some little scamp wrote a law, then ran it through an English to Chinese translator, then back again, just to see if anybody in the legislature was paying attention.

Heh. If that's the case, kudos

If I'm the first to notice, what do I win?

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