01 April 2009

Another day in the big city.

So I was driving through midtown a couple of weeks ago. Well, not exactly driving. I was sitting at one of the many stoplights that occur every 5 1/2 feet on Main Street. I noticed this bleary looking old dude shambling across the crosswalk. Then I notice a middle-aged woman in scrubs crossing a different crosswalk. 
Then the noise. 
The woman starts screaming at the old dude. He looks ashamed. When they both arrive at the same sidewalk, she totally starts smacking the old dude around. She's really giving him the business, and he's just taking it.
I'm almost certain it was this guy:
Kansas City, Missouri — William James Smith, a 59-year-old Missouri man was arrested last week after shooting daughter who poured out his gin. Smith was charged Thursday with first-degree domestic assault and armed criminal action after police say he shot his own daughter in the leg in a dispute over alcohol. Investigators say Smith's 26-year-old daughter became aggravated with her father St. Patrick's day, after seeing him intoxicated. She reportedly poured out the remainder of his gin so that he wouldn't drink any more. That's when Smith pulled a handgun from his pocket and shot his daughter in the left thigh, according to the arrest report. Smith told detectives that he was attempting to remove a live round from the chamber of the gun when it accidentally fired. Smith was booked into the Jackson County Jail in lieu of a $250,000 bond.
It's comforting to know that our town drunk is packing heat. 
He drunkenly shoots his daughter and the family hasn't bonded him out? Astonishing.

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