30 April 2009

Jawdropping idiocy.

It may be pretty early to name 2009's Asshole of the Year, but this yutz — excuse me — US congresswoman is certainly on the shortlist.
Unfortunate incident where a young man was killed during the commitment of a robbery? Jebus, lady. Are you too stupid to live? Mr. Shepard was befriended by two degenerates who were pretending to be gay. He asked them for a ride home, and they all left the bar together. The degenerates spent the next several hours torturing Mr. Shepard, including caving in the side of his skull with a pistol butt. They concluded their evening by tying Mr. Shepard's dying body to a fence post, leaving him hung up to die in the cold overnight. 
Yes, that is ever so unfortunate. Using the passive construction of "was killed," Rep. Foxx avoids mentioning that Mr. Shepard was tortured to death and his dying body displayed.
While the pair did indeed steal Mr. Shepard's belongings, it should be obvious to anyone with two brain cells to rub together that robbery was not the primary motive of this criminal enterprise. Put another way, this is not the way a typical jack goes down. In fact, at their trial, both the degenerate's then-girlfriends testified that the degenerates had previously told them of their conspiracy to rob a gay man.
It was not a commitment of a robbery. Not in reality, and not in English, you insufferable lackwit.
And if this wasn't bad enough, this dope called Mr. Shepard's bias-motivated torture-murder a hoax, on the floor of the House, while Mr. Shepard's mother was seated in the gallery.
During a hearing on the proposed legislation, Rep. Foxx insisted, "this bill takes us in the direction of creating 'thought police.'"
No, it doesn't criminalize thinking, but if it did, she'd clearly be immune from prosecution. Bias crime legislation penalizes certain criminal motives. Penalizing crimes based on motive has been an element of our criminal justice system since...well, the Code of Hammurabi.
People of Winston-Salem North Carolina — this is your representative. Ferchrissakes, do something.

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taylor said...

what the fuck is she talking about? wow. her stuttering idiocy should not go unbalked at.