05 April 2009

We shall call her "Odette."

Cleaned out the fridge this weekend and, as is my habit, I tossed a few things back on the driveway for the wildlife.
Today's Special: CORNBREAD
I was merely checking the back door lock this evening when I noticed a faint bit of movement outside. Could it be? Yes, an opossum eating the cornbread con gusto. 
No, this is not my picture. I stole it from the Opossum Society. It's awesome though. And I have that very shrubbery — it's a viburnum plicatum. I wanted to get a picture, but I made too much noise and she scampered away. Maybe next time.
I like opossums because they're cool animals — varmints very much like them were underfoot Jurassic dinosaurs. I love opossums because they're very cute plus as a bonus, they eat snails, roaches, and slugs. 
I really hate stepping on slugs. Gah. 

2 chimed in:

Donna said...

They also ate my entire flock of chickens one every night till they were decimated, back about 1985.

We started quietly going out, right after dark, with flashlight and shotgun.

The final score: 11 beheaded chickens, 10 dead possums. Unless you count the slimy babies hanging all over one mother. That would bring possum total to about 20.

I hate possums.

possinghamjr said...

I know you had problems with them and your chickens, it's understandable that you're pissed, but here's another perspective...

Those slimey babies? Possum's are marsupials, and their babies gestate in their pouch, like a Kangaroo.

You killed their "slimey" helpless fetuses.

The older ones are (correctly) mean, and the young and adolescent ones are damn cute.

Possums are an important part of our ecology, and they are uniquely adapted to urban environments.

A little one was conered the other evening in my backyard in Midtown by two of my dogs - it just froze up and played dead - both dogs didn't know what to do when they were literally standing over the varmint. The dogs lost interest, I called them in, and then we with the flashlight watched the possum unfreeze then casualy walk away.

Possingham, Junior