06 May 2009

Congratulations! Now Bangor.

Most of New England has caught up with Old England. Maine passed marriage equality.
What does this change? Apparently everything. As you can see in the following video, it leads to intolerance — that is, people become unwilling to tolerate fundamentalist's intolerance. Then, once religious people aren't permitted to extend their creepy bigotry into public school classrooms, school administrators become free to teach kindergardeners "homosexual behavior." 
It's true, and I can prove it. 
In the video "Gay Agenda in Schools 1" by Pastor Bob Emrich http://mainejeremiahproject.blogspot.com/, at 1:47 you can see such homosexual behavior as a colored-pencil sketch of two gay men...preparing lunch. That's right. Little children are being taught that it's okay that two men cram some meat between two taut but yielding slices of...? Holy shit. I can see how this might upset decent Christian folks. 
Their argument is the same crap that's finally losing traction in the United States: gay people are morally inferior, and so should be legally inferior.
By the way, Pastor Bob only objects to other people's agendas being taught in public schools. Naturally, he has his own agenda of foisting religious symbols and prayers upon other people's children.

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