21 May 2009


Sara Lampe (D-Springfield), had a problem: some neo-nazi degenerates in her district joined Missouri's Adopt-A-Highway litter abatement program to get their organization's name inscribed on state signs. These knuckledragging toenail-chewers were very proud of it, too. ("NSM Adopt's a Highway." Heh.)
Alas, there is a 2005 SCOTUS case directly on point where the KKK did the same thing, Missouri resisted, and the Klan won*. The degenerates clearly had the law on their side. The Department of Transportation's hands were tied.
Things look bad, but this is where it gets awesome
Undeterred, Rep. Lampe got an amendment placed on the state transportation bill renaming their adopted segment of West Bypass Road the Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel Memorial Highway.
Representative Lampe — you are pure gold, madam. 
Fully story here (don't miss the neo-nazi's comments either — much like Christian gay-baiters, they're not motivated by hate — oh no, they're doing it out of love.)
(* the Klan was subsequently dropped from the program for failure to perform, and that stretch of I-55 was subsequently renamed the Rosa Parks Highway.)

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