25 May 2009

Let's move forward on a brave horse.

It would seem that Lil Kim got a functional nuke.
Earlier this week in the Wall Street Journal, John Bolton wrote, "Despite Kim Jong Il's explicit threats of another nuclear test, U.S. Special Envoy Stephen Bosworth said last week that the Obama administration is 'relatively relaxed' and that 'there is not a sense of crisis.'"
Beauty. It's just a bugfuck lunatic attention whore with nukes. But y'know, don't get up or nothing. Not long ago, Kim snatched a couple of American journalists from the Chinese border, and those gals are scheduled for trial to become bargaining chips early next month. I bet they don't share the administration's sweet mellow groove.
Here's the latest Nork propaganda poster campaign:
Blue: "Let's move forward on a brave horse!"
Flag: "150-Day Battle"
Nice missile there.
UPDATE: Now they're fired a short-range missile, too.
I've been watching the scant news coverage, and it seems that the consensus is the Nork nuke is too big to be delivered by Nork missile technology. 
Perhaps. But know what other kind of delivery technology the Norks possess? Trucks and boats.
One simply cannot ascribe anything remotely approaching rational behavior to the Norks. Sure, the "I'm so ronery" shit is funny, but the Kim is not a buffoon. Most people aren't aware of the tremendously weird shit these Nork freaks have done and continue to do. They don't live on the same planet as the rest of us. 
Hell, I don't think that the God-King Kim is as rational as Saddam was. If Kim faced the imminent annihilation of his country, I'm virtually certain he wouldn't step down and attempt to negotiate his retirement to a luxury estate in the south of France — he'd burn everything. There is no me without Korea, and there is no Korea without me.
Republicans like to point to the diplomatic failures of Democrat administrations, and Democrats like to point to Republican failures. Truth is, virtually all diplomacy with the Norks has been a failure. and The Norks are very accomplished at getting others to do something now in exchange for their promises that they will do something later. Unsurprisingly, when later finally rolls around there's always a "reason" why the Norks decide they don't have to do whatever they promised to. They don't negotiate in good faith — they negotiate to buy time. It worked then, it worked now, and it'll continue to work until sane people dispense with their optimism.
Obama has promised action. North Korea better brace itself for the deployment of a strongly worded letter.
Oh, and China — fuck you for making this shit possible. Fuck you right in the ear.

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