01 June 2009

National cupcake month. Whoopie!

Obama issued a Gay Pride Month proclamation.
It's replete with observations that homos are just like real people, and have made contributions to the arts. Usual shit about AIDS, AIDS, AIDS. He takes great pride in noting that he actually appointed unnamed homos (to jobs not worth mentioning). He promises his "continued support" for a variety of equality issues, although his "continued support" has so far been his insistence that he's a "fierce advocate" for gay rights. 
This fierce advocacy has manifested itself not doing a goddam thing despite a majority in both houses. Fierce!
My favorite part was where he basically says separate-but-equal civil unions are enough equality for you people. 
Anyway, whoopdiefuckingdoo. It's a empty crapsack. There's absolutely nothing new here that Clinton didn't bring waaaaaaaaay back in 1991 before delivering his famous one-two shot (DADT & DOMA) squarely below gay America's belt. Nonetheless, I'm sure the credulous numbskulls and true-believers will behold this proclamation, genuflect, regard it with rapture, and imagine it represents something meaningful.  "We're on the cusp of a real breakthrough — send money."
Yeah, the fact you're getting pwnd by a black president doesn't necessarily indicate progress. Save your cash, Scooter. In fact, if history instructs, I recommend you buy a cup.

2 chimed in:

Cara said...

THANK YOU. I get so irritated with my friend who support gay rights just writing off the fact that Obama is conservative on this issue. Hell, he's damned near Cheney-esque.

Ceara said...

Lip service is worse than a bad blow job.

I guess if someone talks about something enough, they think it makes it true.