17 June 2009

Please humbly accept this token.

Of course Obama can multitask. The ink is only drying on the spirited defense of The Defense of Marriage Act (gay marriage is no more worthy of official recognition than pedophile and incestuous marriages) while the administration is finalizing its plans for hosting the DNC's fabulous Stonewall 40th Anniversary A-list gay fundraiser.
Yeah, they did. The fact the GLBT community has come to view this particular cash grab rather dimly has come as quite a shock to the administration. As it turns out, them queers actually haven't gotten accustomed to being compared to pedophiles.
I know — I was shocked too!
Anyway, as John Aravosis notes, the DNC's Big Gay Fundraiser is collapsing like a wet taco and Obama's execrable DOMA defense may have finally, and rather poetically, triggered Stonewall 2.0
WAIT! The homos are turning off the money spigot? This sounds like a job for The Fierce Advocate!
Tonight, after the close of the news day, our hero will spring into action and quietly announce that he's found a way to give gay federal employees a few new employment benefits, to apply for as long as he shall serve.
The crustybastard managed to obtain the list of the new federal benefits. I'm actually impressed.
Gay federal employees will soon have (1) the right to retain any complimentary hotel soap or toiletries; (2) a one-time $5 Walmart gift card to cover their so-called "family's" healthcare; (3) a new Federal Second-Class Citizenship passport that will allow the foreign posted employee's so-called "family" to be emergency evacuated on a space-available basis; and (4) a banana sticker.
UPDATE: There are no new benefits. Any benefits included in this "memo" were already available to federal civil servants under existing law. This is merely a policy statement of the administration's willingness to allow gay employees to enjoy whatever extremely constrained benefits they already legally have access to.
He went on to say that DOMA is discriminatory and unfair, and reminded America that he doesn't support it. Except that he did actually support DOMA as a reasonable, measured, legitimate and valid exercise of federal power. In court. Last week.
Obama signed this POS in the middle of a circle jerk of gay Democrat collaborators who are hosting the Big Gay DNC Fundraiser.
Honestly. What an ass.

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the banana sticker - that's what pushed me over the ledge.