21 June 2009

This is really a no-brainer.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has on his desk a bill that would allow bikers who are insufficiently heavy to trigger a stoplight sensor to cautiously proceed through red lights without penalty.
Today, I was late for lunch with Dad because I couldn't trigger the goddam left-turn lane light. I waited through at least four cycles until I gave up and took a different tack, which I could do it because traffic was light. Getting stuck made me annoyed and sweaty, but it didn't ruin anyone's day.
I've been unable to trigger these sensors during rush hour when traffic was behind and beside me, so we're all stuck, and that's a whole 'nother deal. I'm left with no other reasonable option than to blow the red.
If Nixon signs this bill, bikers wouldn't risk a moving violation, fine, court costs, points, and an insurance hike for trying to de-constipate an intersection.
The bill is a sensible zero-cost solution to a real problem. If you've got a moment, clicky here to tell our uncommitted Guvnah something like that. Use "legislation" as your subject.
Otherwise, if you get stuck behind a bike, STFU.

2 chimed in:

Donna said...

Our Gold Wing is a pretty big bike, but this has happened to us. I'm glad somebody is actually trying to do something about it.

Ceara said...

When I was in Ca. The mortorcylists can ride down the street between cars. It's a bit unnervering at first, because you think you're going to wipe one out. Then you get used to it. Some people get mad. It's like they are in grade school and someone is cutting in line.