01 July 2009

Do you feel safer?

"There's increasing recognition within the armed forces that ["Don't Ask, Don't Tell"] is a counterproductive strategy — y'know, we're spending large sums of money to kick highly qualified gays or lesbians out of our military, some of whom possess specialties like Arab-language capabilities that we desperately need. That doesn't make us more safe."
— Candidate Obama
So it's counterproductive, doesn't make America safer, he personally opposes it, he wants to overturn it...and yet it comes as absolutely no surprise that six months into Obama's presidency, Arab-speaking Lt. Choi was recommended for separation from the military under DADT.
275 servicememembers have been discharged under DADT in the 163 days since Obama took office — nearly 1.7 per day.
But the game isn't over. Pursuant to Chapter 37, 654.d(e)
Rule of Construction.
Nothing in subsection (b) shall be construed to require that a member of the armed forces be processed for separation from the armed forces when a determination is made in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Secretary of Defense that
(1) the member engaged in conduct or made statements for the purpose of avoiding or terminating military service; and
(2) separation of the member would not be in the best interest of the armed forces.
[emphasis added]

Ball's still in Commander-in-Chief Obama's court, but one needn't be Jeane Dixon to correctly predict Obama will "fiercely advocate" for somebody else to take responsibility to fix the problem. (With, y'know...his full support.)

While it throws out 12,000 qualified but gay soldiers, the military replaces them with neo-Nazis, incompetents, and convicted criminals.

Yep, I feel safer.

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