19 July 2009

Konservatives Krown Klinton

On principle I'm not going to link to the cesspit of stoopidity that is FreeRepublic.com in the off chance this is a publicity stunt to boost their hitcount. Nevertheless, it would appear that a Freep founder, Jim Robinson, has decided to overthrow our government with the help of his herd of freeptards:
Therefore, We the People of America choose to exercise our right to throw off and alter the abusive government by peacefully recalling and removing from office the President of the United States, the Vice President of the United States and all U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives effective immediately. An interim provisional Chief Executive and congressional representatives will be established as follows: The Secretary of State shall immediately assume the office of interim Chief Executive. The Chief Executive shall appoint and the interim Senate shall confirm an interim Vice President.
An immediate election shall be held within each state legislature to appoint two interim senators to represent each sovereign state. A special election shall be held by all states within 30 days to elect interim members of the House of Representatives. Elections for regular government offices shall be conducted in November, 2010 as previously scheduled, except that elections will be held for all elective offices, including President, Vice President and all U.S. Representatives. U.S. Senators will be elected per class schedule by the various state legislatures.
[emphasis added for hilarity.]
The Free Republic now wants Hilary Clinton to be POTUS? Bwahahahaha!
Perhaps FreeRepublic should amend their slogan "Defending Our Constitution" by adding the words, "By Ignoring It."
But the most important question is this: Will Jim Robinson still get his Social Security Disability check after he dismantles the existing government that is abusing him so badly? What about his socialized VA healthcare?

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MoxieMamaKC said...

I like the "We the people of America" part the best. (North/South) America is a continent, not a country. I guess they are trying to get the Canadians and Mexicans in on this overthrow? Curious.