14 August 2009

Good news for Virgin Airlines.

WaPo reports "U.S. airlines on Saturday will begin asking travelers to provide their birth date and sex for the first time under a new aviation security requirement, federal officials said Wednesday." (Emphasis added for hilarity.)
I had the feeling that if TSA screeners were allowed to demand that we remove various articles of clothing, their demand for droit de seigneur wouldn't be far behind.
Alas, it's too late for me. Federal regulations required that I have sex for the first time as a condition of boarding the monorail at DisneyWorld. At least that's what the conductor said.
I guess from here on out I'll be taking the bus, until security regulations require that I blow the driver.
Yeah, that really is a picture of a TSA screener two-handing some old lady's boob. Hawt.
In the defense of the fine folks at Homeland Security, I suppose it's equally fair to point out that no white female septuagenarians have hijacked an airplane since we've federalized airport screening.
Admittedly, I initially questioned the authenticity of that photo is because the screener isn't obese, which I just presumed was a requirement for the job. Apparently, it isn't, although she is on probation until she gets that weight up.

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