13 September 2009

Sometimes I love this town.

Last night Beloved and I went on a double-date with my parents. Dinner and a show — but not just any dinner and a show. Oh no.
For dinner we went to The R Bar's pig-roast picnic. Ten clams apiece for food and booze? Sweet! The brisket was particularly excellent. The R Bar is not officially launched yet, but I really like where they're going. They're located down in that small strip of restaurants right by the Kemper Arena. The antique saloon interior gives you a pronounced sense of going back in time, but there's just enough modern flair to tip you off that this ain't steak & taters. I'm not really a foie gras fan, but they serve a version there that is so insanely delightful that when it hit my tongue I had to laugh out loud. The very dapper cocktail savant Shawn Moriarty works the bar and he will knock you out a perfect version of your favorite, or help you discover your new favorite cocktail. Do not be afraid to pick his brain. The man really knows his hooch and like any good Irishman, he's a fine talker.
After the pig roast, we were off to the Nelson-Atkins Museum to see an outdoor performance called Surface by a local group called Quixotic. We arrived right before they started and the place was packed! This bodes well. The show was great, and I was totally into the spacey trance music the live band was playing, which surprised me because it's not a genre I typically enjoy. However, the finale left me gobsmacked. Two women suspended on cables descended the outside limestone wall of the museum and did a pas de deux with the museum underfoot. By altering the ordinary visual perspective of a dance performance, it essentially demolished the laws of physics. Totally badass.
Then we all retired to the old crapshack, I shook us up some cappirinhas, and we shot the shit.
Sometimes I love this town.

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