20 October 2009

Bittersweet progress.

After farting around for nearly a year, President Obama has finally revised its medical marijuana enforcement policy to make good on Candidate Obama's campaign promises to suspend prosecutions of law-abiding medical marijuana users and sellers.
The New York Times reports that the Justice Department, FBI and DEA have been informed that the president does not consider it a good use of their time to arrest and prosecute people who use or provide medical marijuana in the 14 states where medical marijuana sale and consumption is legal. I applaud this sensible development. However, it does underline the Obama administration's pervasive and irrational homophobia.
Woah, what?
You may recall that the administration's explanation why they are not only enforcing, but defending the Defense of Marriage Act and Don't Ask Don't Tell policy in court (a reversal of Candidate Obama's campaign promises to eliminate both) is that they're obligated to respect and defend all laws regardless of their personal belief in a given law's validity.
That's most certainly not true, but let's pretend for a moment that it is.
Federal drug law doesn't make exceptions for marijuana sale and possession, whether it's for medicinal purposes or legal under state law. So why isn't Obama's position that he's duty bound to enforce federal drug law as a presumptively valid? And why is Obama's position that medical marijuana prosecutions are a poor and indefensible use of the federal government's limited resources, but throwing two valuable servicemembers out of the military every day just because they're gay is apparently an excellent and defensible use of the government's limited resources?
Because President Obama and his administration are pervasively and irrationally homophobic. At some point somebody besides the gay blogosphere needs to make that point.
But, but, but...Obama just gave a super-supportive speech at the HRC!

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