01 October 2009

DNC Supermajority = Abstinence > Healthcare reform

As you've probably already heard, the Senate Finance Committee killed the "public option" on the same day that it funded abstinence-only sex education.
The American public gave the Democratic Party a strong mandate for reform. Ten months along, they have utterly failed to deliver any meaningful change.
Our National Guardsmen are still being uprooted to police Iraq, and Obama is calling for more troops in Afghanistan.
Most gay citizens today have fewer rights than they had a couple of decades ago, directly traceable to the political activities of organized religion. Churches are regularly awarded taxpayer monies in grants and contracts, and there is an executive agency designated to facilitate this transfer of public money to advance religious activities. Obama promptly expanded the Office of Faith-Based Initiatives upon taking office.
The President and Congress used taxpayer money to bailout, among other "too big to fail" companies, Ford Motors. Given the transfusion, Ford, unlike many taxpayers, was able to keep the lights on. Recently Ford announced a plan to build a new manufacturing plant. In China. There has been no effort to address the issue that certain businesses must be subsidized and others not.
The ratbastard bankers and brokers who fucked up the economy to begin with still have their jobs and are still being paid unfathomably massive "performance" bonuses. There has been no meaningful market regulation reform.
The stock market has largely recovered (meaning businesses are getting healthy), but jobs continue to be cut and nobody's hiring.
The national Democrats have spent the last 8 years talking about all the things they'd do if they just had the opportunity. They were given a supermajority in Congress and haven't done shit. I really think that Democrats believe that the threat of Sarah Palin will once again drive their constituencies to the polls. I'm sure they'll be simply dumbfounded when voters decide en masse that the trip to the polls just isn't worth the trouble.
No public option, abstinence-only education, massive corporate welfare, cultivating theocracy, defending discrimination, offshoring jobs, expanding war, rich getting richer and the poor getting pink slips...it really hasn't been worth the trouble, has it?

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