15 October 2009

Good kitty.

Last night started out very typically. Beloved and I were watching TV, and our cat Nubs was playing. Her favorite toys are those little fur mice. She prefers the gray ones.
She bats them around all over the hardwood floors and eventually sends them irretrievably underneath furniture. (When all the mice are gone, it's time for me to dustmop.)
Last night, as is her wont, Nubs disappears for a while into the basement, then comes back up. I glance over and she's brought a little gray mouse and left it, as usual, on the middle of the rug across the room. She's crouched down about 2' away, in pounce position.
"Aw, Nubs must've found one of her lost mice in the basement. It's so cute how she carries those things around."
About a minute later, Beloved screams!
As you may have already guessed, the little gray fur mouse was not of the artificial variety this time. So the three of us end up chasing the mouse around the living room, and I finally catch it with the combination of a dustpan and a FedEx envelope and throw it out the front door.
Nubs is riding high on her splendid triumph. Rightfully so.
No animal was harmed in the making of this blog post.

2 chimed in:

J9 said...

What a good kitty!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it was more you and Nubs chasing the mouse around while Belove stood on the couch screaming and yelling directions!