15 October 2009

Prop 8 lawyer gets PWNED.

This is my paraphrased (and translated from Legal to English) version of yesterday's summary judgment hearing regarding the Constitutional validity of Proposition 8, as reported by MSNBC.
US District Chief Judge Vaughn Walker is questioning Charles Cooper, esq., attorney for the anti-gay groups that brought Prop 8 to California voters.
COOPER: Your honor, there is no case. Prop 8 is valid and gay marriage is properly prohibited because it furthers California's goal of encouraging marriages that produce children. We deserve summary judgment.
JUDGE: How does a gay marriage prevent anyone in a straight marriage from having children?
COOPER: Uh...well, I don't know. I don't know.
JUDGE: That's your argument?
COOPER: Well, okay. Um, in the Netherlands straight people are increasingly entering civil partnerships instead of getting married.
JUDGE: How does that harm those children?
COOPER: Uh...I don't know. Well...there's no proof that there's no harm.
JUDGE: Are you familiar with American Constitutional law? "No harm" is not the standard. Motion for summary judgment denied.

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