02 November 2009

Okay, I thought it was funny.

In a fark thread about an Ameila Earhart conspiracy theory:
I thought Amelia Earhart was the one that wrote the diary while hiding from the Nazis.
Dude, duh, that was Hellen Keller.
No, Helen Keller was the one that wouldn't get out of her bus seat for whitey.
The woman on the bus was Susan B. Anthony. Helen Keller wrote cook books.
Dude, that was Annie Oakley. Dumbass.
Annie Oakley wrote self help books. You are thinking of Annie Hall.
No Annie Hall led the prohibition movement, Julia Childs is the right name.
Julia Childs spent years in Africa, studying chimps.
wait, I thought that was Sandra Day O'Connor.
Jesus christ, that was Rosa Parks. Glad to see the American education system at work here.
Sandra Day O'Conner is the lady who made movies in the 1960's with people like Rock Hudson. Rosa Parks started the American Red Cross.
No no no, that was Harriet Tubman. Rosa Parks was the first Avon lady.
Harriet Tubman invented the mud bath. The first Avon lady was Betsy Ross.
Please allow me to correct yous. Florence Henderson started the Red Cross.

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