01 December 2009


I read over at BlogKC:
[r]eal estate developers are asking KCMO to annex over 300 acres of rural Platte County just north of the Kansas City International Airport for a large suburban-style housing development called "The Lake at Tomahawke Creek.”
WTF #1: Putting a housing development directly in the way of a flight path? What could possibly go wrong?
Didn't the KCMO employees that we charitably refer to as "city planners" site the Kansas City airport in the middle of South Dakota for the purpose of avoiding development?
I grew up in a suburb that had two lakes joined by a channel. One lake was the sailboat lake, and the other was the speedboat lake. When the sailboat lake lots were all built up, they started building on the speedboat lake.
Turns out the people who wanted to live on the speedboat lake didn't actually want to live on a speedboat lake.
"Oh, the noise! The noise! The noise, noise, noise, noise!" Then those homeowners got an idea. A terrible idea. Those homeowners got a wonderful, awful idea. And that was the end of waterskiing, jet skiing, and driving one's motorboat faster than Nana drives her Rascal. Thanks for coming, guys! Glad you could join us.
WTF #2: A lakefront community. On a flightpath?
Well, that's just fucking brilliant.
Allow me to introduce you to Captain Chesley Sullenberger. He'd like to talk to you about a little kerfluffle involving waterfowl and jets.
WTF #3: Tomahawke?
Gah. Why do Ye Olde developers insist on spelling things with a fake British accent?

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Baldwin Rose said...

"insist on spelling things with a fake British accent?'

To mess with the Micks! Why else?