08 January 2010

Things my brother notices.

Younger Bro calls me last night after Snowpocalypse v2 for a chat. He's got a passel of adorable and headstrong little ones, so whenever he's on the phone I can hear the usual swirl of chaos in the background. So we're chatting and he pauses, which is normal. Then he says the following:
"The Jewish Academy of Amish Technology is closed tomorrow."
It takes me a second before I realize that he's reading the scroll of closings from the bottom of his TV.
The Jewish Academy of Amish Technology.
My god. It's full of stars!
So of course we're laughing our fool asses off at this genius prank, and trying to figure out how to one-up it. We eventually come up with canceling services at the Harvest Bible Church of the Lord Jesus Christ Immanuel's Holy Name or early closing the smoking lounge at the Brookside Rastafarian Institute. But seriously, we're not even close to being as good as the Jewish Academy of Amish Technology.
There's still a lot of snow left this season. Maybe we should close the Thomas Bowdler Young Lady's Shakespeare Workshop?
Your suggestions are encouraged.

3 chimed in:

Donna said...

My daughter mentioned that the Open Door Baptist Church was closed. How can that be?

AKCB said...

The chairwoman of the Brookside Ladies' Garden and Motorcycle Club flaked on me tonight. But I don't think it made the crawl.

Anonymous said...

Did you or JYL come up with the Thomas Bowdler Young Lady's Shakespeare Workshop because that's brilliant. Love, love, love it all, but especially the 's.