16 January 2010

Um, this isn't my bill.

Like every other subsidized development in Kansas City, the Power & Light entertainment district is waaaaaay underperforming financially. Even though the White Power District is comprised almost entirely of national franchises who already are exempted from paying their fair share of taxes, if you live in the big shitty, your so-called "representatives" have determined that the appropriate entity to make up for these corporate shortfalls is...you.
There are 475,830 of us. The White Power District requires another $12,000,000 this year (meaning it loses almost $33,000 every day).
The $12 million is the equivalent of extracting a mandatory payment of $25.22 from every man, woman and child in the city. For that, we'll receive nothing beyond the satisfaction of knowing that, once again, we've prevented corporate America from being responsible for its decisions.
If you live outside the city, spending $25 on the White Power District is entirely voluntary, and it'll come with 3 or 4 drinks.

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