04 February 2010

Ain't that the truth.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Missouri, William Ray Price, informed the Missouri General Assembly yesterday that the drug war policies they've enacted have been a debilitatingly expensive magnificent failure.
"The problem is that we are following a broken strategy of cramming inmates into prisons and not providing the type of drug treatment and job training that is necessary to break their cycle of crime...Any normal business would have abandoned this failed practice years ago, and it is costing us our shirts."
When a red-state chief justice appointed by John fucking Ashcroft is recycling NORML's talking points, the drug warriors really ought to realize they've lost, man...and just let it go.
Now, as a person who doesn't smoke anything or use drugs any harder than ibuprofin, I want say to the Missouri General Assembly: decriminalize now (and pass the savings on to us).
Of course they won't.
Legislatures are honeypots for busybodies.

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