09 February 2010


So the AP Style for attention whore is "activist"? Noted. That explains this report:
Asian-American activists offended that MARTA [public transit] re-named the train line into the heart of Atlanta's Asian community the "yellow line" will take their objections to the transit agency's chief on Friday.
MARTA's lines are called red, green, blue and ______ . The activists (really, a handful of exquisitely tender souls who've decided to appoint themselves the voice of their community) want the line renamed "gold" because they believe that using the term "yellow" in conjunction with Asians is insensitive and racist. If they prevail, MARTA will have to re-print all its materials, since the line is pretty much good-to-go.
John Park, esq. explains his outrage:
Historically, it has had a derogatory intent. It physically paints a very unattractive picture. I don’t consider myself "yellow."
Ah, okay, thanks.
No, wait. If you don't think of yourself as yellow, then why the hell are you upset the line is called "yellow"?
Nobody better tell Mr. Park about China's Yellow River.
It is unclear from the article whether the "red line" elicited similar outrage among activists within Atlanta's communist community.

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