03 February 2010

The "unit cohesion" lie.

Unfriendly Fire by Nathaniel Frank includes an interview with the man who wrote the loathsome Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy — Professor Charles Moskos.
Moskos got the gig by being old friends with former Senator Sam Nunn (D-ouche). They shared the same dipshit opinions that the armed services is a man's world, with no place for broads or fags.
Professor Moskos' background work on the integration of gays in the military was hardly academically scrupulous. His "evidence" was frequently derived from polling data involving impressions, or simply his regurgitation of the opinions of conservative military officers.
The centerpiece of Moskos' policy was the principle that "unit cohesion" would be enhanced by forcing gay soldiers to be closeted liars. Straight soldiers, he successfully argued, find gay colleagues so inherently distasteful and untrustworthy that the former are unable to function properly in the latter's presence.
If you think about it, that's a pretty damning assessment of heterosexuals.
They ate it up anyway.
The most astonishing thing Franks extracts from Moskos is his concession that the “unit cohesion” argument was bullshit. Moskos tells Franks, “Fuck unit cohesion; I don’t care about that.”
Instead, Moskos invoked what he believed was the “moral right” of straight soldiers not to be required serve alongside gays, and — god forbid — share bathroom facilities.
Frank also reports that Moskos told legislators the main reason to ban gays was to repress the military's inherent homoerotic culture.
Creepy, creepy, creepy. Moskos was just all kinds of creepy.
He's dead now. So at least he finally did something useful.

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