04 February 2010

Watching the crazy parade.

One of the more bizarre moments in my life came on the day that I received a letter from "Reverend" Jerry Fallwell's Liberty University School of Law, virtually guaranteeing my admission if I just returned their paperwork.
Heh. If only they knew.
Anyway, I love to check in on the Lynchburg Crazy Parade from time to time. This one tickled me:
Lynchburg, VA – Liberty University School of Law will host a one-day conference followed by a one-day symposium addressing homosexuality and its consequences. The Friday, February 12, conference is entitled “Understanding Same-sex Attractions and Their Consequences.” On Saturday, February 13, the Liberty University Law Review will host a legal symposium entitled “Homosexual Rights and First Amendment Freedoms: Can They Truly Coexist?” ... Speakers include Alan Chambers [president of Exodus International]; Julie Harren-Hamilton, President of [the National Organization for Research and Treatment of Homosexuality]; Tim Clinton, President of the American Association of Christian Counselors; Rena Lindevaldsen, Associate Professor of Law at Liberty University School of Law, and Mathew Staver, Dean of Liberty University School of Law.
Wow. Two panelists from pray-the-gay-away orgs, a panelist from a Christian lawyers org, and two panelists from Liberty U. What an amazing variety of perspectives!
Gee, I wonder if they'll decide gay rights and the First Amendment can truly coexist? I'm on the edge of my seat.

2 chimed in:

Anonymous said...

Hrmmmm....I think the only way any of those panelists would come to the conclusion that first amendment rights and being gay could coexist would be if they underwent some sort of intensive shock therapy. Ah well...I can wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up first...still, I think that might be a fun spectacle sport.

Jody May-Chang said...

Bryan Fischer is well-known in Idaho. To some he is a hero of “family values,” but to many he is a living, breathing example of what is wrong with America. Fischer is the pitchman for contempt and the poster boy for intolerance. The man’s obsession with and hatred of homosexuals is well documented, but recently he has been gaining national attention.

How did he get there?

Reporters and editors in Idaho rolled over and let Fischer state his contempt for gays on a regular basis without a single hard question or investigation into his motives or “facts.” The Idaho news media was essentially his personal public relations firm.

If Fischer’s profile had not been so elevated by Idaho media, perhaps he would not now be the national poster boy for anti-Muslim racism, criminalizing gays and an embarrassment to Idahoans.

Get the full in-depth story here: http://may-chang.com/?p=1168