24 March 2010

Michelada Cubana

Just returned from sunny Mexico with a superb new drink recipe.
On the road to Colima, I asked our driver Marco about the signs everywhere advertising "Micheladas." Marco informed me, "It's what kids drink to get drunk. It's not for adults."
"Why is it a kid's drink?"
"It's not very strong."
"What's in it?"
"Beer, limes, tomato with the....the...what do you call almejas?"
"Si. Yes."
Marco laughs. "It's not as bad as it sounds."
"They seem very popular around here. What do adults drink?"
"You know, tequila, whiskey..."
"So a michelada is what we'd call a 'wuss drink?'"
"I like wuss drinks."
We both laugh.
So we end up at a restaurant in Comala where the food was great, but the margaritas sucked. For the second round, I ordered a michelada with a Sol, and the group follows suit. What we got were cubanas a/k/a micheladas con piquante.
No Clamato, praise Jebus. It was a salt-rimmed, iced tumbler with a finger of a brown, grainy fluid at the bottom, plus a bottle of Sol. It was delicious! We decided La Cubana would be our Official Summer Drink of 2010.
Here's the recipe:
squeeze 1 lime
run squeezed lime around a large tumbler's rim
drag rim through celery salt
fill tumbler half full of ice; add
the lime juice
2-4 dashes Worcestershire sauce
2-4 dashes Maggi seasoning sauce (available at Asian and Latin groceries)
2-4 dashes Tabasco sauce
1 pinch of black or chipotle pepper
a light pilsner beer (Sol, Pacifico, Corona, etc) poured over the mixture. Enjoy.
Viva Mexico.

3 chimed in:

AKCB said...

Having just fixed yet another michelada Comala-style, I can say I'm hooked. Though I recommend skipping the celery salt in favor of sal de Colima which provides mineral-y salty flavor and that unique crystalline crunch. Superb. And not at all wussy. Between this and coconut gin, I'm favoring Mexican drinks this season. Am I the only one who things a Comala type restaurant featuring the cuisine of Colima would go over well in this town?

AKCB said...

Those little restaurants have a name! Botaneros! http://www.tomzap.com/botanero.html

Baldwin Rose said...

I enjoyed to michelada, but coconut gin gets my vote. I mean really, it's served in a huge coconut! That just sez beach to me!