03 April 2010

I really admire kids sometimes.

Take for example, this sartorially nose-thumbing bunch from Alabama.
Erica DeRamus said she knew her school had dress code policies, but didn't think her dress would violate them...'What cleavage? That's exactly what I said. I wasn't trying to be rude or anything, but that's what I feel,' DeRamus said.
But principal Trey Holloday [sic] said it violated school policy stating that dresses cannot have cleavage falling below the breastbone or hems more than 6 inches above the knee..."it's there for protection of kids and not for management of kids," he said.
See girls, the dress code isn't intended to manage you, it's to protect you...from doing things school administrators don't want you to do. Which I guess is a little "managey" if you think about it for about a nanosecond. Or it's like, precisely the definition of managing, assuming you've got the intellectual firepower to tie your own shoes.
But thanks for the lesson in doublespeak, Principal Holladay.
No sweat.
So anyway, 18 Oxford High seniors end up busted for prom dress violations, but only Miss DeRamus took the 3-day suspension.
The other 17 have chosen the alternative punishment: paddling.
Seventeen nearly legal schoolgirls are daring Mr. Holladay to spank them for the naughtiness of wearing dresses that were too sexy.
Holy shit! There's so much win here, it must violate some other school policy.

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