05 April 2010

Important KC election tomorrow.

The Kansas City School District has 61 buildings operating at less than half-capacity. District funding is tied to enrollment, which has plunged since those buildings were constructed as a result of the desegregation debacle, and the enrollment freefall is worsening. The money is no longer rolling in, the overall economy is a shambles, and pointlessly overspending to maintain buildings that aren't needed is itself a reasonable argument to consolidate the district.
Consolidation is in order for many other reasons, and the current superintendent is sensibly planning to do just that. However, the natural enemy of reason and progress — the Kansas City School Board — opposes the plan, as they typically regard the KCSD as an employment agency they administer on behalf of family and friends.
Tomorrow we can elect three new, hopefully sensible, folks on the board. I encourage you to vote for Crispin Rea Jr. (at-large), Kyleen Carroll (at-large), and Joseph Jackson (subdistrict 4). They plan to work with Superintendent Covington.
Another thing Kansas City can't afford? Paying off the contract of yet another superintendent the idiot school board forces out.
Turnout is expected to be dismal, so the outcome may be decided by a just a few votes.
UPDATE: I voted around 5:30pm, and the machine had tabulated a whopping 250 ballots. Sheesh.

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