06 April 2010

Majoring in bigotry.

By now you've read about honor-roll student Constance McMillen, the girl stuck in the Meanest High School in America — Itawamba Agricultural High School, of Fulton Mississippi.
Apparently the school is run by Glee Coach Sue Sylvester.
I do hope U.S. District Court Judge Glen Davidson has something exciting in store for Superintendent Teresa "stop hounding us" McNeese, Attorney Benjamin Griffith, Principal Trae Wiygul and the various teachers and parents who set up a fake prom and chaperoned the real "no queers or retards" prom — especially given that Judge Davidson ruled that excluding Miss McMillen violated her rights, but wouldn't order the school to reinstate the original prom based in part on the administration's implication that all students would be permitted to attend a new prom (which turned out to be the decoy).
IAHS Class of 2010, assuming you ever attempt to leave the tidepool you call a hometown, when you fill out the "Education" section on college and job applications, know that you might as well be writing "I'm proud to be a selfish, bigoted shitbag!" I hope it haunts you for the rest of your lives. I also hope that whenever you get short of money, you remember that tonic.com gave Constance $30,000 (and offered her a cool internship) because you're such an asshole.
Since your liar teachers and your degenerate parents evidently didn't teach you anything about history or decency, here's a more direct lesson for you — see if you can spot the parallels:
She spent all Saturday getting ready, fixing her hair, slipping into the pink floral dress her mother finished the week before. Her father, a Baptist preacher, helped pick her date, a respectable young man worthy of escorting his daughter, the first and only black student at Jones Valley High School.
She and her date drove that 1965 night with her father and a retinue of supporters and protectors toward the high school gym. They turned the corner.
The gymnasium was dark, empty.
"They had fooled us," Carolyn Tasmiya King-Miller said. "I remember going home that night in tears. I sat on the sofa in my prom dress, lying on my mother's breast and crying all night. That's when the silence started."
For decades, King-Miller, who now lives in San Francisco, has been stoic about the lonely, humiliating experience of integrating the school in Birmingham.
...white mothers of the prom planners had kept the location of the Jones Valley High prom a secret so she couldn't attend...
Although everyone knew, she didn't talk about her disastrous prom night. Her father told her not to humble herself by asking her classmates about the incident.
"Of course, they all taunted me about it — 'Did you like the prom, Caroline?'"
Vickii Howell reporting for The Birmingham News, printed in The Tuscaloosa News/Region Section — 24 November 2000
And lest you IAHS '10 morons think that story is a comedy, it isn't. Ms King-Miller's classmates ended up begging her for forgiveness 30 years later.
I hope eventually you develop at least that much decency. But I'm not optimistic.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Contact phone numbers for the assholes who let this happen:

Itawamba County Schools Superintendent Teresa McNeece:

662-862-2159 ext. 14

Itawamba Agricultural High School principal Trae Wiygul


AKCB said...

Mind if I cross-post this on my blawg in its entirety? Full attribution of course.