29 April 2010

More FOX than FOX.

Today on NPR they did a story on Catholic child rapers, which concluded with the "expert" cheering what a great job Ratzinger has done (ignoring that Ratzinger was instrumental in the coverups) and how Ratzinger's (homophobic) "reforms" have been really helpful.
There was a story on Arizona's "Papers Please" immigration law, where they allowed Professor Kris Kobach, (who wrote the law on behalf of an overtly racist organization, a small fact they didn't bother to mention), to defend it against callers who mostly supported it. One caller who objected to the law was clearly insane.
There was also a segment on the Tea Party movement, explaining why it's not really quite as racist as it is because they found a black guy in the movement, and the black guy didn't think it was racist.
Finally, there was a segment that gave some asshole from Goldman Sachs the opportunity to say what great things Goldman has done for the community.
Okay, did I mention this was on NPR?
Holy shit.

1 chimed in:

PFL0W said...

seriously? you have to hope this is an attempt to be "fair and balanced."

but the fact is, if it's bullshit, we should call it out as such, sure. I agree with you, naturally.

Mo Rage