10 May 2010

Chivalry in action.

I dub thee Sir Antonio "Lil' 'Ton" Collins, Knight Errant and Lord High Protector of the Realms of Waldo and Brookside.
Arise Sir Antonio, and regale us with thy tale most valiant:*
I'm sitting [in lockup] looking at the dude and asking him what he in here for. He acting like he don't want to tell me. I said "What are you in here for?" He said just a little bit of nothing.
A news report about the Waldo Rapist came on the TV. I'm looking at the picture and I look down at him and he got this little eerie little smirk on his face like he's happy about what's going on the news, all the attention he's getting.
I got very angry. "You raping people, you ain't about to be in here. I'm going to knock you." I covered up a camera and he swung on me, you know what I'm saying? I tried to kick the snot out of that boy's face. BOP! got him with one, you know what I'm saying?
I had him picked up on the bars, you know what I'm saying? I gave him a couple of something. He was saying something before the guards came. I have gave him a little head butt. Then he's sitting over saying "C.O., help! C.O.!" he yelling for help.
I'm like, "What are you screaming for help now for?" He had a little knot.
I made him scream just like he made them women scream. I think they would feel pretty good about what I did, I think they feel like a little bit more justice is done. I mean, he going to get it when he gets to the pen anyway.
I got no regrets. Like I told the detectives, put me in there with him a little more I'll get y'all a confession.
Verily, I decree that you, good sir, shall never buy a drink in Waldo or Brookside again!
* Stitched together from various local news sources.

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