09 June 2010

The Banana Republic of California

California election results:

Billionaire Meg Whitman, former CEO of eBay, spent $81 million to win the Republican primary election for governor, about $70 million from her own account. She received 1,101,528 votes. That's $73.53 per vote. On a California governor's salary, it would take her 463 years to earn $81 million.

Here's Whitman's financial promise: "Cut SPENDING: Meg will ensure that Sacramento spends no more than it takes in...[and] give Californians faith their money is well spent..." Her most serious opponent spent about $20 million, or approximately the amount of money sitting in Whitman's couch cushions.

More than 1 in 4 California Republicans wanted lunatic conspiracy theorist Orly Taitz to be California's next Secretary of State. Jesus tapdancing Christ, people! Really?

Voters approved Proposition 14, which effectively prevents third-party candidates from holding statewide or federal office. It accomplishes this by limiting the general election ballot exclusively to the 2 candidates who got the most votes in the primary election (which will always be 1 Republican and 1 Democrat), and also eliminates "write-in" candidates.

So to the dozens of candidates who ran as Green, Libertarian, American Independent, or Peace and Freedom party candidates, and to the tens of thousands of people who voted for those candidates, here's the message: your neighbors have decided that you have no right to be "unconventional," or to embrace or promote any idea that departs from the mainstream. Not sure how to deal with that? Ask your gay neighbors.

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J9 said...

I know. There are days I wish I didn't live in CA - today is one of those days.