28 June 2010

A few words on the demise of Robert Byrd.

Senator-for-life Robert Byrd is being tenderly eulogized today in the media, who dutifully reminds us of his early KKK affiliations, then tells a noble tale of redemption by his later virtuous work on behalf of civil rights.

It's all such bullshit.

When Byrd was finally forced to abandon his disgusting racism, he simply refocused his foul bigotry on gay Americans.

Transferring one's bigotry to a different group doesn't redeem a goddam thing.

The world is a fractionally more intelligent, nicer place today.

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PFL0W said...

but hey, give him major marks for denouncing the pre-emptive, internally and internationally illegal attack by this country and our previous president on Iraq and for also pointing out how Congress rolls over for presidents, to the peril of the country.

He was human. He was flawed. Maybe even deeply flawed, sure. But he did some things very right and attacking that former president before, during and after his attack on Iraq was very right. In fact, he was the most vocal against that attack and war and he was virtually the only one to speak up.

Against gays? Sure, it was wrong and ugly and stupid. But at least he did these other things right.

Mo Rage
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