26 July 2010


That's how much our post-9/11 wars have cost...so far.

If you took hundred-dollar bills and stacked them, the stack would be over 780 miles high. If you built that stack in Kansas City, and it tipped over, the top would land in Pittsburgh.

We haven't even started paying for either war, because neither was funded. We just put them on the credit card. Seriously.

Military spending currently represents 54% of the federal budget. Adjusted for inflation, we are currently spending more on the military today than we spent when we were fighting in World War II — which, for us, only lasted four years. And that enemy had submarines, ships, tanks and aircraft. The current enemy has...donkey-bombs.

I have reached the inescapable conclusion that despite being provided nearly infinite resources and a highly trained, willing corps, either our military leaders cannot win these wars, or they will not.

I don't know which is worse.

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