24 July 2010

Goddamit so much.

Kenneth Feinburg was appointed "pay czar" by the Obama administration for the purpose of investigating the outlandish compensation the bailed-out banks persisted in paying their executives.

He has completed his report. His conclusion: do nothing.

That's right. Nothing.

From Wapo:
The report declined to name individual executives whose pay was deemed excessive. Feinberg said he didn't want his findings to trigger a round of private lawsuits and congressional hearings.
"I think it's sufficient they voluntarily accept this [pay contract] break position, that we all move forward with lessons learned and that we put this sad chapter behind us and look forward," said Feinberg, who will soon shift his attention to overseeing the $20 billion BP oil spill compensation fund.
Emphasis added because holymotherfuckingshit...are you kidding me?


Honestly, it's like GWB never left.

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PFL0W said...

(banging head here)

Mo Rage

J9 said...

dear sweety mother of god - what the fuck - I'm guessing he's already lined up a cushy post Obama job at some corp boardroom...