20 July 2010

She won!

Remember Constance McMillen, the Mississippi high school student who got tricked by school administrators into going to a fake prom because she had the temerity to be a lesbian?

She won.

CBS reports:
the Itawamba County School District to pay $35,000, plus attorney's fees. As part of the agreement, the school district also said it would follow a policy not to discriminate based on sexual orientation and gender identity in any educational or extracurricular activities...
"I hope this means that in the future students at my school will be treated fairly," McMillen said.

Given the Itawamba County School District seems disproportionately populated with liars and bigots, I doubt that'll happen.

But hey — by settling and adopting a nondiscrimination policy, they conceded that Ms McMillen was right.

Good job, kiddo.

Thanks, ACLU.

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