23 September 2010

This about sums it up.

Pop quiz.

17 September 2010

Freebie Friday.

For 24 hours only, Trent Reznor has made available a free 5-song sampler from his soundtrack to The Social Network at this site.

Please to enjoy.

15 September 2010



13 September 2010

Making the appeal unappealing.

On Thursday, September 9, 2010, a federal judge presiding over Log Cabin Republicans v. U.S. & Gates held the military's gay ban violated the Constitution two distinct ways.

If the ruling stands, the federal law is unconstitutional, utterly void and without effect, unenforceable in any jurisdiction, and the ban on gay Americans serving in the U.S. military becomes an ugly part of American history.

Why President Obama had — on multiple occasions in addition to this case — dispatched squads of US attorneys to defend a law he'd often denounced and insisted he wanted repealed has never been clear. It's been "explained" vaguely as some "traditional" obligation to defend all U.S. laws. However, there is no actual legal obligation on the part of the executive to defend any particular law. Indeed, it would be a violation of his oath of office if he defended any law he believed to be unconstitutional. As a professor of Constitutional law, Obama certainly has personal knowledge of all of this.

Regardless of why Obama defended the law, his lawyers failed to carry their burden of proof, and he lost his case. Now, the only way this outrageously discriminatory dead law could be revived is if President Obama decides to appeal. Again, he bears no legal obligation to do so; any decision to appeal would be 100% discretionary.

If President Obama decides to use the power of his office to singlehandedly revive a dead, unconstitutional, discriminatory federal law via an unnecessary appeal, it is the same kind of gratuitous fascist homophobic bullshit we could get from any Republican or theocrat. It cannot be viewed in any other way.

Moreover, he is choosing to frag the LGBT community right before midterm elections.

Democrats, "you better think about the consequences of your actions."

12 September 2010

Not to be shocked by animal attack.

Beloved's friend sends along these instructions from a rice cooker purchased at Korean Market in Springfield. Please to enjoy.
The following must be observed to use the product safely and correctly to prevent accident and dangerous situations.
'Warning' and 'Caution' are different as follows. This means that the action it describes may result in death or severe injury. This means that the action it describes may result in injury or property damage.
This sign is for reminding something may cause problems under the certain situation. Please read and follow the instruction to avoid any harmful situation.
Please use it clearly; If it is used with any alien material being held there will be happened any case of boiled rice not being made well or boiled rice being burned. Please use it (them) always clearly by wiping out by sponge scrubber for the around the pan after soak in water, by sandpaper for the heater or sensor.
Please use it at a secured place; Please avoid using it at a insecure place easy to be fallen down, or near hot thing such as stove or gas stove or on carpet or cushion, etc.
Please pay careful attention against water; Please surely not wash out the body of this rice cooker by water which may be a cause of electric shock or firing.
Use a single socket with the rated current above 15A. Using several lines in one. Socket can cause overheating resulting in fire. Use the extension cord with the rated current above 15A. 
Be caful both plug and power cord not to be shocked by animal attack or sharp metal materials. Damages by impact can cause an electric shock or fire.
Being hot! When cooking boiled rice there is coming out hot steam from the hole of the steam and please not come your face or hand near it.
Please pay careful attention against its deforming If you put anything such as dishcloth, etc. on the cover when cooking boiled rice or in the course of warming which may be a cause of deforming or decoloring the cover.
It is avoidable to use it for other use If you boil water or use for any other use, which may give rice cooker excess and be a cause of disorder.
When there is not boiled rice in inner pot. when there is not anything in pan, please surely pull out plug. Otherwise it may be heated and cause a risk.
When warming boiled rice and cold boiled rice together, which may be a cause of bad smell.
Handling With care If you fall rice cooker down or and strong impact, which may be a cause of disorder.
With the rice scoop indicated If you use a metallic rice scoop which may be a cause of the boiled rice being scorched because of peeling off coated film of inner pot.

07 September 2010

The fresh hotness: election fraud.

Locally we saw Jackson County Legislator Henry Rizzo put Diane K. "Crystal" Williams in the primary to siphon off votes from the Crystal Williams running for his seat.

Of course, Rizzo denies that he was involved, making him a liar on top of perpetrating election fraud. His scheme backfired bigtime, and the real Ms Williams won.

Then there was Alvin Greene, the unemployed crackpot who somehow managed to produce a $10,400 filing fee (despite previously claiming to be indigent to secure a public defender to represent him in his pending felony indecency trial) to run as a Democrat against incumbent South Carolina Republican Senator Jim DeMint.

Today I read that Log Cabin (read: "self-loathing gay") Republican Steve May, a former two-term Arizona legislator and returning candidate for the legislature, went down to his local skid row to collect accommodating bums to run as Green Party candidates to siphon off votes from his competition.

May — unlike Rizzo — admits to the fraud, even while pretending it's somehow not a dirty trick.

“Did I recruit candidates? Yes. Are they fake candidates? No way. Are you fake, Benjamin? Are you fake, Thomas? Are you fake, Grandpa?"

Christ, what an asshole.

The article mentions that other Arizona Republicans also recruited sham candidates (to divide and conquer the dirty liberals).

What they are doing is not substantially different than hacking into electronic voting machines to manipulate data. These assholes ought to be in jail right now, and barred not only from ever seeking any public office, but also from working in any capacity (including advisory or consulting jobs) for any government or political candidate.

But apparently, this shit is not even illegal.

This country is circling the drain.