07 September 2010

The fresh hotness: election fraud.

Locally we saw Jackson County Legislator Henry Rizzo put Diane K. "Crystal" Williams in the primary to siphon off votes from the Crystal Williams running for his seat.

Of course, Rizzo denies that he was involved, making him a liar on top of perpetrating election fraud. His scheme backfired bigtime, and the real Ms Williams won.

Then there was Alvin Greene, the unemployed crackpot who somehow managed to produce a $10,400 filing fee (despite previously claiming to be indigent to secure a public defender to represent him in his pending felony indecency trial) to run as a Democrat against incumbent South Carolina Republican Senator Jim DeMint.

Today I read that Log Cabin (read: "self-loathing gay") Republican Steve May, a former two-term Arizona legislator and returning candidate for the legislature, went down to his local skid row to collect accommodating bums to run as Green Party candidates to siphon off votes from his competition.

May — unlike Rizzo — admits to the fraud, even while pretending it's somehow not a dirty trick.

“Did I recruit candidates? Yes. Are they fake candidates? No way. Are you fake, Benjamin? Are you fake, Thomas? Are you fake, Grandpa?"

Christ, what an asshole.

The article mentions that other Arizona Republicans also recruited sham candidates (to divide and conquer the dirty liberals).

What they are doing is not substantially different than hacking into electronic voting machines to manipulate data. These assholes ought to be in jail right now, and barred not only from ever seeking any public office, but also from working in any capacity (including advisory or consulting jobs) for any government or political candidate.

But apparently, this shit is not even illegal.

This country is circling the drain.

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