24 February 2011

Well that's a new one.

Gay people are pretty used to being scapegoats for all the world's ills. But this is a new one.

Darling of the Christian Right, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is currently blaming gay couples for...

...wait for it...

deadbeat dads.

Seriously. Huckabee says he opposes marriage equality because:
"There is a quantified impact of broken families...[a] $300 billion dad deficit in America every year...that's the amount of money that we spend as taxpayers to pick up the pieces because dads are derelict in their duties."
So...what's the logic here? That there is only so much responsibility in America and when gay people are allowed to be responsible for each other, it renders fathers incapable of being responsible for their children? And failure to pay child support is a phenomenon that first materialized in 2004, upon the advent of same-sex marriage?

What about states that enshrined marriage segregation into their statutes and constitutions? Shouldn't that have depressed divorce rates? Shouldn't single parenthood have become extinct? Shouldn't child support arrears have evaporated?

Yet none of that has been the case.

Indeed, the state with the lowest divorce rate is good ol' gay-marrying Massachusetts with 1.8 divorces per 1,000 people. Massachusetts isn't unique, either. Other states with marriage equality are Connecticut (3.1), District of Columbia (2.1), Iowa (2.5), New Hampshire (3.7), and Vermont (3.3).

However, of the five states with the highest divorce rate — Arkansas (5.6), Idaho (5.0), Nevada (6.6), West Virginia (5.0) — four amended their constitutions to segregate marriage, except Wyoming (5.2) which merely banned gays from marriage by statute.

Beyond his rank bigotry, Huckabee is exhibiting a fundamental inability to comprehend basic cause-and-effect. There's a point at which, as a civilized people, we shame these dipshits into silence, rather than encouraging them to run for goddam president.

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